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Classes Summary
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Summary :

  1. Inheritance using extends
    1. Single parent only
  2. Encapsulation
    1. All members globally visible by default
    2. local members are only visible in the class declaration
    3. protected members are visible in the class declaration and any subclasses
  3. Randomization with randomize method
    1. By default, randomizes properties qualified with rand or randc only
    2. Constraints can be defined:
    3.  "in-line" using with
    4.  as separate class properties using constraint blocks
    5. Constraints can be relational, conditional or weighted (dist)
  4. A virtual class cannot be instantiated, only used as a base class for inheritance.
  5. Polymorphism allows a object handle of a given class type to contain any inherited class instance.
  6. Virtual methods
    Simulator calls method according to the handle contents, not type.
    Allow subclass methods to be accessed off a parent class type variable
  7. Virtual method templates
  8. Placeholder for name/arguments of a method
    Implementation must be provided by a subclass for method to be used.
  9. Parameterized class
    Parameterized for type as well as size, width etc.

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