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OVM sequencer and OVM sequencer utils
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OVM sequencer :

Sequencer generates stimulus data and passes it to the driver. All sequencers should be derived from the ovm_sequence base class directly or indirectly. Sequencer have a TLM port which is connected to the driver. ovm_sequence base call is parameterized for request and respose item types.

So to create a sequencer to you need to :

  • Derive a sequencer from the ovm_sequencer base class and specify the request and response type parameters
  • Use `ovm_sequencer_utils and `ovm_update_sequence_lib_and_item to indicate the generated data item type and field desired automation

Connecting the Driver and Sequencer :

The driver and the sequencer are connected via TLM, with the driver’s seq_item_port connected
to the sequencer’s seq_item_export. elow). The sequencer produces data items to provide via the export. The driver consumes data items through its seq_item_port, and optionally provides responses. The component that contains the instances of the driver and sequencer makes the connection between them

Example :


OVM sequencer example :

// OVM sequencer example 
class mem_master_sequencer extends ovm_sequencer # (mem_transfer);

    protected virtual mem_if m_if;

    protected int master_id;

    `ovm_object_utils_begin (mem_master_sequencer)
        `ovm_field_int (master_id, OVM_ALL_ON)


    // constructor
    function new (string name = "mem_master_sequencer", ovm_component parent = null) ;
        super.new (name, parent);
    endfunction : new

    function void assign_vi (virtual interface mem_if m_if);
        this.m_if = m_if;
    endfunction : assign_vi

endclass : mem_master_sequencer

Keywords : ovm_sequencer   sequencer  

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Posted By : Santosh - Feb. 2, 2010, 6:27 a.m.

Hi Puneet, I am looking for virtual sequencer example. --Santosh.

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