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Components in AVM Based testbench
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AVM Compoments :

1. Transactor :

Converts traffic between signal and transaction domains


2. Monitor

Converts signal level traffic to a stream of transactions Checks for protocol violations Moves traffic from the design to analysis portion of the TB


3. Driver

Is a Transactor that takes an active part in the protocol Interprets transactions and drives signal level bus May be bi-directional


4. Responder

Is the mirror image of a Driver. It plays an active part in the protocol. It identifies a response and forwards it to the slave It takes the response from the slave and applies it to the bus


5. Stimulus Generator

Generates sequences of transactions that are sent into the test bench Generate constrained random stimulus; or Generate directed stimulus

6. Master

  1. Bi-directional component
  2. Initiates activity

7. Slave

  1. Bi-directional component
  2. Response to activity

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